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At Glenne Marc Holdings we are a dedicated and passionate team, who desire to connect opportunities by sourcing and fulfilling customers’ requirements. Our aim is not just transactional but a long-term relationship that would eventually help us and our customers achieve targets and objectives in providing premium quality products, at the right cost. Glenne Medical & HealthCare Supplies is the primary arm of Glenne Marc Holdings providing health care equipment and Supplies for professional and personal use. Together, we hope to create a world with better Health!

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We offer a range of best quality gowns conforming to regulatory standards. Gowns are produced using SMMS fabric with ultrasonic welding ensuring optimal sterility. It is designed to be a sterile barrier to protect the patient, yet it also acts as a barrier to body fluids to protect the wearer. Our surgical gown pack includes hand towel and wrap sheet along with the gown.

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